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ECMI EPP kick-off seminar: presentation by Ewa Chylinski on models of interethnic relations in Europe and in the post-Soviet area
ECMI presentation on EPP
Models of interethnic relations in Europe and in the post-Soviet space

              Seminars on Equality Issues

1 Seminar

Problems with Ensuring Equality in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Possible Approaches to their Solution. (2-3 March 2015, Kyiv. UKRAINE).

Alexander Osipov Obstacles and problems in understanding and ensuring equality on the ethnic ground: how to overcome them (RUS)?

Boriss Cilevics Cultural diversity and equality: contemporary approaches and standards (RUS)  

2 Seminar

Problems of Equality: Anti-discrimination norms of the EU, national law against discrimination and their implementation (12-13 May 2015, Chisinau, MOLDOVA)

Bella Osipova Georgian experience in NM protection (RUS) 

Ana Kvachadze Prohibition of discrimination and protection mechanisms to eliminate all forms of discrimination according to the Law of Georgia “On elimination of all forms of discrimination” (RUS)

 Oxana Gumennaia Antidiscrimination norms of the European Union, national law against discrimination and their implementation (RUS)

Sergey Ponomaryov Ukrainian Law “On Principles of Prevention and Combating Discrimination in Ukraine” (RUS)

3 Seminar

International and National Norms on Minority Protection and their Role in Equality Protection (15-16 September 2015, Minsk; 18 September 2015, Mahiliau; 21 September 2015, Viciebsk, BELARUS)

 Dr. Fernand de Varennes Equality and Minority Rights and Policies”

 Dr. Marina Andeva How Can Minorities Benefit from Minority Laws in Europe? 

 Dr. Alexander Osipov Problems of equality on ethnic ground in the Post-Soviet space: Review

 Ewa Chylinski Models of inter-ethnic relations in Europe and Post-Soviet Space (RUS)

 Oxana Gumennaia. Law #121 on ensuring equality in Moldova. Implementation of the Law (RUS)

 Ewa Chylinski Legal mechanisms of minority protection and their role in ensuring equality (RUS)

4 Seminar

The fight against xenophobia and hate speech; development of tolerance and its effectiveness (8-9 February 2016, Kyiv; 11 February 2016, Dnipro; 15 February 2016, Odessa. UKRAINE)

5 Seminar

National minorities, including vulnerable groups: positive actions, support and protection (23-24 May 2016, Kyiv; 27 May 2016, Chernivtsi; 30 May 2016, Lviv. UKRAINE)

 PhDr. Michal Vašečka Minority governance – technical issue or question how to become inclusive toward others?

6 Seminar

The combination of different approaches to equality provision and anti-discrimination (26-27 September 2016, Kyiv; 29 September 2016, Mykolaiv; 3 October 2016, Vinnytsia. UKRAINE)

 Dr. Reetta Toivanen Towards effective non-discrimination: Substantial Equality and Participation of Minorities

  Seminars on minority participation

1 Seminar

on Problems of Minority Participation: Participation of national Minorities in Public Life – general definition and international standards (30-31 March 2015, Kyiv; 2 April 2015, Odessa; 6 April 2015, Kharkiv. UKRAINE)

Bill Bowring Minority protection and its main components

Andreea Carstocea European Centre for Minority Issues Protection of Minorities and its Major Elements

Alexander Osipov Presentation “European Centre for Minority Issues Protection of Minorities and its Major Elements

2 Seminar

Minority Participation: Ethnocultural Policy and Models of Cooperation with Authorities (19-20 October 2015, Chisinau; 21 October 2015, Comrat; 26 October 2015, Balti. MOLDOVA)

 Dr. Reetta Toivanen. “European Models of Communication between Governments and Minorities”

 Dr. Petar Teofilović. “Special mechanisms and institutions aimed at improving communication between governments and minorities”

 Dr. Alexander Osipov Fighting against discrimination and ensuring equality in Post-Soviet countries

 Dr. Petar Teofilović Concept of Autonomy and the Case of Serbia

3 Seminar

Advisory and deliberative structures – models and their effectiveness (30 November-1 December 2015, Kyiv; 3 December 2015, Uzhgorod; 7 December 2015, Lviv. UKRAINE)

  Balázs Dobos Consultative and advisory bodies for minorities: a European overview

Balázs Dobos European modes of communication between public authorities and national minorities 

Rokhaya Diallo Communication between public authorities and civil society activists – models and effectiveness

Balázs Vizi Participation, representation and minorities

Досвід України Advisory and deliberative structures – their effectiveness (UKR)

4 Seminar

Cooperation between official structures and civil society in ethnocultural sphere (10-11 March 2016, Minsk; 14-15 March 2016, Mohiliau. BELARUS)

Peter Vermeersch The interaction between governments, international institutions and ethnocultural organizations

5 Seminar

Local self-government and minority inclusion in local communities (18-19 April 2016, Chisinau; 20 April 2016, Comrat; 22 April 2016, Balti. MOLDOVA)

 Dr. Eugenia Relaño Pastor Implementation and monitoring of Roma integration policies at the local level

 Antonella Valmorbida European modes of interaction between local authorities and minorities & minority policies at the local level

6 Seminar

Nation-wide dialogue, integration and national reconciliation – models and cumulative experience (31 October–1 November 2016, Kyiv; 3 November 2016, Uzhgorod; 7 November 2016, Odessa. UKRAINE)