Our Team

Dr. Tove Hansen Malloy
Prof. Dr. Tove Hansen Malloy
The ECMI Director
The EPP Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Malloy has a background as a political theorist specializing in the political and legal aspects of national and ethnic minority rights in international law and international relations, especially in the European context. In addition to being Director at ECMI, Prof. Dr. Malloy is the head of ECMI’s research cluster Citizenship and Ethics and teaches at the University of Southern Denmark and Flensburg University. In addition to her academic career, Prof. Dr. Malloy has served in the Danish Foreign Service in numerous positions and represented the Danish Government internationally in conflict mediation in Rwanda and Bosnia, transition and development in Albania, and on indigenous affairs.
Within the EPP Prof. Dr. Malloy carries the ultimate responsibility for the project.


Dr. Tove Hansen Malloy
Hanna Vasilevich, Ph.D.
Project Research Associate
EPP Project Manager

Hanna Vasilevich, Ph.D. is a Research Associate for the ECMI’s project on Belarus. She defended her PhD in International Relations and European Studies at the Metropolitan University/International Relations Institute in Prague. Her research interests cover national identities, ideologies, state-building, interethnic relations and national minorities in the CEE region. Hanna actively participated in the social and cultural life of the Belarusian Diaspora in Prague, and also initiated the process to acknowledge Belarusians as a national minority in the Czech Republic. Within the EPP, Dr. Vasilevich is the key contact in all project-related matters, responsible for implementation of project activities.


Nataliia Mekahal
Nataliia Mekahal
ECMI EPP Kyiv Coordinator

Nataliia Mekahal obtained an MA in International Relations with specialization in Political Science at the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko, completed the program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. As part of ECMI Natalia serves as contact person of the Eastern Partnership Program (EPP) in Ukraine, EPP Local Coordinator, located in Kyiv and is responsible for arranging the Working Group’s meetings and seminar programs, interaction and further communication with the target audience and stakeholders, provides solutions for logistical issues, finalizes draft documents under the results of the Working Group’s meetings.


Viktoriia Martovskaia
Viktoriia Martovskaia
EPP Assistant

Victoriia Martovskaya is from Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. She has recently completed her MA in European Studies at the University of Flensburg, Germany, where she researched the projection of the societal challenges in political rhetoric (case study Russia). Additionally, she holds an M.A. in Diplomacy of the Russian Federation and Foreign Countries from the Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. Viktoriia’s research interests cover migration problems, hate speech, political rhetoric, discourse analysis and national minority issues in Russia. Within the EPP, Ms. Martovskaya supports the expert database and is responsible for the general logistical issues.


Ewa Chylinski
Ewa Chylinski
Acting Director ECMI Caucasus
EPP Trainer

Ewa Chylinski holds MA.MA.BA. in Eastern Europe Area Studies and Theoretical and Applied Linguistics; she specialized in language policies and bilingual education.
Currently Ms. Chylinski is the Acting Director for ECMI Caucasus, based in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Within the EPP project Ms. Chylinski is serving as an EPP trainer at the central and regional seminars.