Call for Participants in the new Seminar in Ukraine

Call for Participants in the new Seminar in Ukraine


The European Centre for Minority Issues (Flensburg, Germany) will continue hosting seminars under the framework of the Eastern Partnership Programme “National minorities and ethno-political issues: Belarus – Moldova – Ukraine” and is opening a call for participation in seminars to be conducted in 2016.

The Programme will start with the main seminar “The Combination of Different Approaches to Equality Provisions and Anti-Discrimination”, which will take place in Kyiv on 26-27 September 2016.

Government representatives and members of other official bodies who deal with ethnic politics and human rights, along with representatives of ethno-cultural and human rights civil society organizations, including academic experts and journalists, are welcome to participate in the seminars. 


The following lectures will be delivered during the seminar in Kyiv:

— «Towards effective non-discrimination: Substantial Equality and Participation of Minorities»

«Practical use of anti-discrimination law for the protection of minorities: limits and opportunities».


We are glad to announce that the following prominent European experts will deliver lectures and actively participate in the follow-up discussions:

Dr. Reetta Toivanen – Adjunct-professor, University of Helsinki, Research fellow, Finnish Academy of Sciences, (Helsinki, Finland).

Dr. Toivanen will talk about how non-discrimination laws and policies are put in place in order to create an equal society. She also will present how these may have discriminatory effects or just ignore some specific aspects of some groups. Substantive equality recognizes these policies and practices need to be accommodated according to the specific needs of different segments of the society so that they would not amount to systemic discrimination.

Mr. Aleksejs Dimitrovs – Adviser on fundamental rights, justice and home affairs for the Greens/EFA group, European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium).

Mr. Dimitrovs will present the use of anti-discrimination law for the protection of minorities with a particular focus on the experience of the Baltic States. He will outline the interplay of several international and supranational systems of human rights protection (European Union, Council of Europe and the UN) with the emerging body of national law in the context of European integration and post-Soviet legal thinking. 


The goal of the programme in the target countries is to enhance governance and to advance state policies regarding the prevention of ethnic discrimination and the mainstreaming of national minority issues in accordance with European best practices.

Alongside this, the programme aims to improve levels of cooperation between state bodies and representatives from civil society and academia in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, create a platform for the improved exchange of good practices relating to the application of a legal basis for anti-discrimination, and finally to increase the level of participation of national minorities in all areas of social life through consultative mechanisms which are particular to the social conditions of these Eastern Partnership countries.

The cycles of seminars are being conducted within the two thematic areas: “Equality (including protection against discrimination) on ethnic grounds” and “The participation of national minorities in civil life, including the different forms of cooperation with state bodies”.

The seminars plan to address both the results obtained in the three countries, and the possibility of the application of a variety of mechanisms aimed to ensure the participation of national minorities in public life and their constructive cooperation with state authorities and local governments.


To participate in the seminars please fill in the registration forms available at the following link:

Kyiv 26-27 September link  

We also remind interested participants that registration for regional seminars are also open. Please register below:

Mykolaiv 29 September

Vinnytsia 3 October

If you have any questions regarding participation in the seminars, please contact our Kyiv Coordinator, Ms. Natalia Mekahal:

If you have any other general questions, please contact the Programme Manager, Dr. Hanna Vasilevich:

6 thoughts on “Call for Participants in the new Seminar in Ukraine

  1. Nino Lapachi

    I would like to be a participant of your seminar. I am from Georgia, working in non-governmental organization. Our main goal is to protect minorities and human rights. If you are covering participation and travel fee i will be glad to gain new experience.

    Thank you for your time

    1. Hanna Vasilevich

      Dear Nino, all our seminars are open for the public – the only thing you would need to do is to register online. However, we are not able to cover any expenses for participants from Georgia. We look forward seeing you at our seminars. Best, EPP team

  2. Александр Хмыров

    ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ ! Dr. Hanna Vasilevich
    We are happy to share that ECMI team member Dr. Hanna Vasilevich got shortlisted the Best Scientific Publication Prize by the International Congress of Belarusian Researchers. Her article “Eastern Partnership Initiative: 5 Year Results and Future Perspectives” was piblished in: Bátor, Peter. — Ondrejcsák, Róbert. (eds.): Panorama of global security environment 2014. Center for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA), Bratislava 2015, pp. 27-39.
    The award ceremony will take place on 8th of October 2016 in Kovno (Lithuania).

  3. Александр Хмыров

    При возможности, желательно материалы ключевых докладов на семинаре выложить в интернете.

    1. Hanna Vasilevich

      Уважаемый Александр,

      в разделе публикации–рабочие материалы мы выкладываем презентации семинаров. Ввиду необходимости перевода некоторых презентаций с английского языка мы не всегда можем их выкладывать оперативно. спасибо за понимание и интерес к нашим семинарам. Команда ЕРР

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