A new round of EPP seminars in Ukraine to start soon

A new round of EPP seminars in Ukraine to start soon

The year 2016 will be marked with a new series of seminars initiated within the framework of the Eastern Partnership “National minorities and ethno-political issues: Belarus – Moldova – Ukraine.”, starting with Ukraine.

Traditionally, the cycle of seminars consists of one main seminar held in the capital city and two regional seminars held in the regional or district centers of the participating countries.

Thus, on the 8-9 of February, Kyiv will welcome a two-day seminar on the topic “The fight against hate speech and xenophobia; promotion of tolerance and its’ effectiveness”. On the11th of February the initiative will be undertaken by Dnipropetrovsk and on 15th February by Odesa.

Representatives from state bodies and officials whose work is relevant to the issues of the ethnic politics and provision of human rights, as well as representatives from ethno-cultural and human rights civil organizations, journalists and academic experts are welcome to take part in the event.

The first Ukrainian seminars of 2016 will be devoted to the issues of the fight against xenophobia and hate speech, including questions of tolerance. The following topics are planned for the discussion:

  • State actions against hate speech and hate crimes: European models;
  • Civil society’s contribution to the fight against xenophobia;
  • Development of tolerance and intercultural dialogue: possible approaches;
  • Countermeasures to the aggressive demonstration of xenophobia in Europe – the legislative framework.

The invited lecturers are famous European experts in the field of countermeasures to xenophobia:

Mr. Ralph du Long, United for Intercultural Action (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Prof. Rafał Pankowski, Collegium Civitas (Warsaw, Poland); ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association – Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIECEJ’

Mrs. Isabella Osipova, Expert of the Department of Justice at the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia, Executive Secretary of the Council of National Minorities

Mr. Alexander Verkhovskiy, Director of the SOVA Center for Information and Analysis

We would like to remind you that the goal of the programme in the target countries is to enhance governance and to advance state policies regarding the prevention of ethnic discrimination and the mainstreaming of national minority issues in accordance with European best practices.

Alongside this, the programme aims to improve levels of cooperation between state bodies and representatives from civil society and academia in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, create a platform for the improved exchange of good practices relating to the application of a legal basis for anti discrimination, and finally to increase the level of participation of national minorities in all areas of social life through consultative mechanisms which are particular to the social conditions of these Eastern Partnership countries.

The cycles of seminars are being conducted within the two thematic areas: “Equality (including protection against discrimination) on ethnic grounds” and “The participation of national minorities in civil life, including the different forms of cooperation with state bodies”.

The seminars plan to address both the results obtained in the three countries, and the possibility of the application of a variety of mechanisms aimed to ensure the participation of national minorities in public life and their constructive cooperation with state authorities and local governments.

To participate in the seminars, please fill in the registration forms available at the following links:

Kyiv, 8-9 February: http://goo.gl/forms/c3fxZpWpAv

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1673349342922068/

Dnipropetrovsk, 11 February http://goo.gl/forms/Cfh842nwnN

Event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1105920446094390/

Odesa, 15 February http://goo.gl/forms/75x2OFu1ie

Event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/550107745154628/

All the questions should be sent to our programme manager Dr. Hanna Vasilevich (vasilevich@ecmi.de) or our Kyiv coordinator Mrs. Natalia Mekahal (mekahal@ecmi-epp.org)