Concluding EPP seminars on Advisory and Deliberative Structures in Ukraine

Concluding EPP seminars on Advisory and Deliberative Structures in Ukraine

The EPP team has returned after conducting a two-day seminar in the capital and two regional events.

The series of seminars dedicated to minority participation in public life through advisory and deliberative bodies was held in Kyiv, Uzhhorod and Lviv. The seminars were organized in cooperation with the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, the Zakarpattia Regional State Administration and Ukrainian Catholic University respectively.

The seminars topic, “Advisory and Deliberative Structures: Models and Their Effectiveness” sparked a keen interest with the Ukrainian public, and over 140 people attended the EPP seminars in the three cities. Many participants traveled from different regions of the country, such as Zaporizhia, Vinnytsia, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Donetsk, and so on.

Three invited experts, Ms Rokhaya Diallo, Dr. Balàsz Dobos and Dr. Balàsz Vizi, gave lectures at the events, focusing on European experience in the area, models of communication between governments and civil society, governments and minority representation. During every seminar the expert lecture was followed by a questions and answers session, and a lively discussion involving everyone attending the seminar: representatives of minority communities, NGO activists, state and regional decision-makers.

Dr. Dobos was interviewed by ECMI after the seminar in Kyiv, and according to him the audience was particularly interested in “illustrations of the presented theoretical background with practical examples”.

Talking about his experience as an EPP guest lecturer, Dr. Dobos commented: “Even today, we can see there are different people with different backgrounds among the participants, they all bring their own knowledge and experiences, and I could clearly see their willingness to think together and to work together. Basically, there is a great need for these kinds of dialogues, space for sharing experiences, practices. Many people want their voice heard”.

More photos from the seminar are available on our Facebook page.