Coming soon: EPP seminar in Kyiv on November 30 and December 1

Coming soon: EPP seminar in Kyiv on November 30 and December 1

A series of seminars dedicated to national minorities and advisory structures organized by the ECMI’s Eastern Partnership Programme will start with a two-day event in Kyiv next Monday.

Ms Rokhaya Diallo (France) and Dr. Balázs Dobos (Hungary), invited lecturers, will give talks on the first day of the seminar.

Dr. Dobos will open the seminar with his lecture on “Consultative and Advisory Bodies for Minorities: A European Overview”. Balázs Dobos is a research associate at the Institute for Minority Studies within the Centre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He also teaches various courses at the Corvinus University of Budapest and the Eszterhazy Karoly University of Applied Sciences, Eger. His fields of research mainly concern the relationship between identity, ethnicity and politics, participation and representation of minority communities in public life, decision-making processes in minority policies, the main features of ethnic parties as well as ethno-political conflicts.

Ms Diallo, whose presentation will follow, is a French journalist, writer and award-winning filmmaker, internationally recognized for her contribution to the promotion of equality, diversity and human rights. She is a board member of the European Network Against Racism, and continues her social activism while working on several new projects in Paris. In Kyiv, Ms Diallo will give a lecture on communication between authorities and civil society activists.

On the second day of the seminar, December 1, a discussion panel on ‘Advisory and Deliberative Structures and Their Effectiveness’ will take place. Seminar participants will discuss the issues connected to representing minorities via such structures, to ensuring the transparency of these bodies and their ability to influence decision-making.

The EPP is organizing the seminar in Kyiv in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

The seminar is open to the general public. Please register online to take part. The detailed seminar programme is available here.

After the event in Kyiv, the EPP will conduct two regional seminars: one in Uzhhorod (December 3) and one in Lviv (December 7). Seminar programmes and online registration links are available: Uzhhorod (programme, registration) and Lviv (programme, registration).